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  • What next?!?

    I think that Kenneth Mitchell, who plays Eric Green on Jericho is a terribly pathetic actor who should never be shown on anything big again, even though Jericho isn't TV's absoloute best show. I have gone past the point where I think that it's just the character of the show that I don't like but I hate his character and his acting at the same time. I can't stand him!
  • An actor with some great chops. His subtle approach is so powerful, welcomed and meaningful.

    The more I watch him the more he engages me. His subtle approach is very powerful and meaningful. His face on camera just reams of emotion and thought. So many actors go big and show their work but Kenneth lays low and lets his internal dialogue shin through and it reads so well. A very talented man. I can't wait to see more and follow his career. He would be great in a western or something of that nature. He has a very handsome face yet unique in both his overall look and demenour. He reminds me of a young Jeff Bridges.