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    • Kenny Baumann: (On the cast of The Secret Life of the American Teenager) Absolutely. We hang out on weekends and when we have days off. We get together very often. Again that joke pops up all the time. Why is this happening? This isn't normal; we shouldn't be hanging out. We should be at each other's throats already, but who knows? We absolutely hang out on the weekend off set all the time.

    • Kenny Baumann: (Brenda Hampton) Brenda is very hands-on. She is behind the camera; she is on set all the time. I talk to her every day on the set. She goes back to the office back and forth to write and do, of course, all of the responsible things that she has to do on the show. But she's very hands-on and she's wonderful. She has made the actors feel at home completely. Really she's just so nice and wonderful and creative and giving. Like I said it just adds to the wow, this is my job? This is what I do? This is incredible.

    • Kenny Baumann: (On "The Secret Life of the American Teenager) What I've noticed so far is that this show doesn't really glorify any high school ideal, idea; it doesn't make things appear glossy and sexy; it's just very frank. And it's a very accurate cross section of what a lot of high schools look like, unfortunately. I think that is a very individual aspect of the show, that it does not glorify sex; it's not trying to, it doesn't have to. It is a little bit of a cautionary tale, which it should be in dealing with the subject matter. You don't see that often. I'm really actually proud to be a part of something that is very frank, very candid and is not trying to make it look too appealing. Do you know what I mean?

    • Kenny Baumann: Honestly, every bit of it is just amazing. It's a dream job; I've said that before. I'll continue to say it. The cast, I love them. It really blows my mind every day how well we all get along, which I think is relatively rare in the world of TV and film. But being able to work with the different directors, really it all boils down, for me it all boils down to the material and just really being able to flesh out this character, Ben, and it's such an honor to do that and to collaborate with this wonderful cast.
      I show up every day and I can't call it work; I just can't because it's amazing.

    • Kenny Baumann: With everyone on set being so incredibly capable and creative, it's really an easy process to kind of fall into Ben completely.

    • Kenny Baumann: I would say that particularly for me this show really brings to life the incredible nuance that is involved in just every day teen interaction. As far as Teen A talks to Teen B, Teen B talks to Teen C and suddenly the whole school knows and how rumors spread, how information is spread, how various personalities deal and cope with various bits of information. It really does remind me of just how incredibly complex the social web is at just a normal everyday high school. And the fact that these adolescent kids have to worry about their education also have to deal with this. It really blew my mind to realize that full circle again because you're not very aware of it when you're in that web. But when you're outside of it looking in it is really, truly so complex and socially, it's really an incredible experience.

    • Kenny Baumann: In my "free time" I really enjoy writing. That is yet another one of my passions. I see myself writing till the day I die. Also I really enjoy photography. Photography's quite a challenge for me, which is very nice. It's wonderfully technical as well, which I like learning, like to pursue that side. So between photography, writing and also I really enjoy design, graphic design, Web site design and hopefully very soon I will be starting two lines of T-shirts, which I'm designing now, talking to printers now.

    • Kenny Baumann: (On his character) I was drawn to this role because ultimately Ben is, to me, he's such a sweet, loving guy and then, of course, he's very funny as well. It's very funny to watch someone kind of go through that love/misery pattern. To be able to play that and really work on that really flesh that out and make it as real and as frank as possible is an opportunity that, of course, not many people are allowed.
      So what drew me to Ben was really just at the core of him he's very loving; he's very sweet and of course, the comedic stuff is also really fun to play as well.