Kenny G

Kenny G


6/5/1956, Seattle, Washington, USA

Birth Name

Kenneth Gorelick



Also Known As

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Born Kenneth Gorelick, he grew up in Seattle, Wahington. He practiced his instrument in the school music program, where his music teacher recognized his natural ability for the playing the saxophone, and encouraged him to try harder and perform with the school band. At the age of seventeen,…more


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    • Kenny G (On leaving Arista Records): I was with Arista forever, and Clive (Davis, record producer) was like family to me. But I wanted to do an album of original material, and that wasn't what they wanted me to do. I personally wanted to get back to my roots, and explore creative things. Also, I think people are tired of cover records and they are hungry for original music.

    • Kenny G: I love the way the saxophone feels with a Latin rhythm, and I felt maybe I can do something like that, but of course do my thing and have it sound different than anything else. You've got to continually try to reinvent yourself.

    • Kenny G (If he would ever fight with Josh Groban over best-selling Christmas records): Well, Josh and I performed together at a dinner party awhile back, and he actually lives pretty close to me. He's a great guy, and I wouldn't want to fight him. I'm happy for his success, and I'd love to do more music with him.

    • Kenny G: People can tell when somebody's doing something from their heart or whether they're doing it from their brain. Fortunately for me, I sleep well at night because I know that I've always played the best that I can...and a lot of people seem to like what I do.

    • Kenny G: Everyone loves the rhythm of Latin music. It makes you feel good; it makes you want to dance. At the same time, it is very intimate and personal.

    • Kenny G (On his 2008 album Rhythm & Romance): Musically, this is nothing like I have ever done before.