Kenny Hotz

Kenny Hotz


5/3/1967, Toronto, Ontario Canada

Birth Name

Kenneth Joel Hotz



Also Known As

Ken Hotz, K-Y, Kenny Hotz, Kenny.
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Trivia and Quotes

  • The loveable miscreant!

    Kenny is the hilarious antagonist of kenny vs spenny(the greatest reality TV ever made).

    Kenny is the master of pranks/hijinks/makeing spennys life a living hell. He is by far the funniest person to watch. It is impossible to predict what he could do next, which sucks for spenny. His capacity for breaking/bending rules is what makes the show what it is. He has done some of the most crazy things i have ever seen. Stuff that makes the stuff on jack@ss look like childs play. From faking a cancer scare on spenny to useing super glue to stick spenny's hand to a desk there is nothing he is afraid to do.moreless
  • Star of Kenny VS Spenny.

    This guy is great! He makes Kenny VS Spenny what it is. If it wasn't for him constantly taking the competitions to the extreme the show would be a snoozefest. I don't mind Spenny, but he is a little annoying at times. Kenny is a brilliant schemer and excellent comic! He must have been spawned from hell, some of the stuff he comes up with is genius.

    Sometimes he takes it to far, but it's still fun to watch. And atleast he goes through with his humiliations, whereas Spenny more then often does not.

    Kenny Hotz is funny and he makes the show Kenny VS Spenny. Keep it up!moreless