Kenny Mayne

Kenny Mayne


9/1/1959, Kent, Washington

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Kenny Mayne


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A native of Kent, Wash., Mayne was an honorable mention junior college All-American quarterback before attending the University of Nevada in 1982 where he got a degree in Broadcasting. While there he played football for two years before signing as a free agent with the Seattle Seahawks. Since…more


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    • Kenny Mayne: I had worked as a garbageman in Seattle during college and when I left local television in 1990, I called my old boss but the industry had passed me by. They had switched to one-person trucks, so I took a position assembling the garbage cans.

    • Kenny Mayne: (about work freelance for ESPN) I only pursued one full-time television job - ESPN. I had the ESPN 800-number and called all the time with story ideas. I guess they finally decided it was less expensive to hire me than to keep paying for my phone calls.

    • Kenny Mayne: (on what player name is most difficult to pronounce) Many hockey players, but once you get them right, then it's like in school when you look up a word you remember it, it's like that. I don't want to look like an idiot out there. So they're so many foreign names with five syllables that are difficult, so I'd say hockey.

    • Kenny Mayne: (on who is the best athlete among SportsCenter anchors) I'm thinking. It depends on the sport. I can throw footballs better than anybody. Dan Patrick played college basketball so he had to be good at that. Stuart [Scott] is a good all-around athlete. Karl Ravech, [John] Buccigross - those guys are great golfers. It really depends on which sport you're talking about.