Kenny Smith Jr.

Kenny Smith Jr.


Washington, D.C., USA

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Kenneth Robert Smith Jr.



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Kenneth Smith, Kenny Smith
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This Kenny Smith Jr. guide is for the currently active writer and producer (1997-2011). For the famous NBA guard and basketball analyst, please see Kenny Smith (I).


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    • Kenny: This year, we expanded his role by necessity. He had to score because of our injuries, and that is tough for point guards to do unless you're Steve Nash. In our situation, he not only had to get the ball to the right people, but he had to score.

    • Kenny: He just did whatever it took to win. There was nothing he didn't feel like he couldn't do. If it needed to be done, he would try to make it happen.

    • Kenny: People would game plan for Bryce because he could flat-out shoot the ball, and there was no doubt about it. What people don't know about him is his tenacity on defense.

    • Kenny: OK, I feel you. But I know one thing. If a NASCAR driver ever got on the court with me, they wouldn't be able to keep up. That would be like me driving a bus in a NASCAR race.

    • Kenny: C'mon Benny, Houston is the fourth-largest city in America. It's a melting pot of charismatic tastemakers, athletes and United States movers and shakers. We have everybody who makes trends coming out to the NBA All-Star Game on Sunday night.

    • Kenny: This group of seniors is a special group. There are a lot of teams that don't like to come to practice. This team wasn't like that. They loved to come to practice; they loved to talk basketball; they loved to try to do whatever they had to do to win.

    • Kenny: We were one game away from being in the final four. I thought our kids played with intensity and heart, and they never gave up.

    • Kenny: In the first half, we controlled it, and in the second half, they did. That ended up being the biggest difference in the game.

    • Kenny: I wish I knew the answer to why. I think part of it was they picked up their intensity a little bit, and the things that were open for us in the first half, they covered up (in the second half).

    • Kenny: In the second half, they came out on fire and did what they had to do.

    • Kenny: I think that any other year he would be playing. But because (there's) so many great forwards in the West, it's difficult to do that. But (Paul) is one of the top five guards in the Western Conference without question.

    • Kenny: I think we're there; I think we're ready to go. The kids played hard, and these first games are tough, so we'll just get ready for the next one.

    • Kenny: We really hadn't gotten any type of rhythm yet. The activity was there but the achievement wasn't. I told the guys we needed to have something to show for what we had done up to that point.

    • Kenny: I just went by the rules.

    • Kenny: That was a 10. Even after 15 times it was a 10.

    • Kenny: He has to let everyone know he's the best player on the floor. It could be arrogance, but it sure is fun to watch.

    • Kenny: A good stream of water can dislodge most anything though.

    • Kenny: We recommend you do it from a ladder, it's safer.

    • Kenny: One of the biggest reasons is to make sure the water flows away from the house. You don't want the water to break into the foundation.

    • Kenny: They broke that window out, reached inside and unhooked the chain and unbolted the dead bolt. Then we had a screw through the door that's why he had to kick the door in.

    • Kenny: The second thing that happened was that we didn't get them the ball when we had our scorers open. It was kind of a double-edged sword for us.

    • Kenny: We moved the ball much better tonight. We worked hard at it in practice. We did a much better job of moving the ball around, cutting and making things happen.

    • Kenny: We played a good team tonight, and they exposed a weakness of ours that was not being able to take care of the ball. That's why we scheduled these guys. It will make us better.

    • Kenny: We've got to work on the third quarter. It's been our Achilles heel all year. We got to do something to get us a good look at the basket. Maybe we'll go in at half and meditate. I don't know what it is, but we've got to do something.

    • Kenny: You can't beat a quality team like them if you keep turning it over to them.

    • Kenny: The game itself is really the last thing on anybody's mind. It's all about the contests and the parties and the people-watching and being cool. It's a celebration of the game and a lifestyle. It's when everything and everybody surrounding the game comes together and struts their stuff.

    • Kenny: We're a fullback-oriented offense. Our fullback Patrick Harris gets most of the carries. But our big-play guy has been our tailback Eric Crenshaw.

    • Kenny: I told them we have to hand things out ourselves. Don't send your handlers. Don't send your agent. I don't want to see your assistants. These people want to see you. That is the message we want to send, and everyone agreed.

    • Kenny: In the last two years, we've been a six seed and four seed, so I take it as a compliment (being the No. 1 seed) and that we're making progress.

    • Kenny: Grandfathers all the way down to grandchildren are watching this tournament together. Some of those grandfathers played in it, and it's a great tradition.

    • Kenny: Looks like I'm at the Kentucky Derby!

    • Kenny: Oh, we're most definitely concerned. You always are when somebody does something and does it well. They have possession receivers and a quarterback that does a good job. We're playing a team that can create big plays and we can't afford to let them have that.

    • Kenny: We had a whole bunch of people living on boats, waiting to find out just what had happened.

    • Kenny: We want them to have a day normalcy.

    • Kenny: He found us. He called and said he wanted to play.

    • Kenny: These are the types of communities where we come from, and this is one way we can help take care of our own.

    • Kenny: We kind of flip-flopped the way I thought it would be. We played methodical, error-free football in the opener against Cabot when I would expect us to make mistakes. Last week, we made a lot of mental mistakes and had missed blocking assignments.

    • Kenny: The game is a show of our support and solidarity for those affected by this natural disaster. As professional athletes we've been very privileged and this is one way we can help take care of our own.

    • Kenny: For juniors, this is the year when] reality starts to set in a little bit, ... They're saying to themselves, 'Oh my gosh, I'm going to be a senior year next year . . . what am I going to do?

    • During his NBA career he averaged 12.8 points per game, 5.5 assists per game and 1 steal per game.

    • Kenny wore jersey number 30 while in the NBA.

    • He has been a judge in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest during the NBA All-Star Weekend events, and is often a strict judge giving lower scores than other judges. He often uses the phrase "It's ova" when someone does a spectacular dunk.

    • Kenny has lent his voice, along with Ernie Johnson, to do NBA Live 2005 and NBA Live 06's All-Star Weekend mode. He does commentary for the Slam Dunk Contest and 3-Point Shooting Contest.

    • Kenny is a McDonald's High School All-American and played in the game in 1983.

    • Kenny played nine seasons in the NBA.

    • Kenny has his own segment on Inside The NBA called "Kenny's Pictures" where he analyzes and breaks down a highlight of the game they are showing.

    • Kenny holds the record for the lowest score in an NBA dunk Contest. He was given a history low 24.

    • He hosts Full Court Press on Sirius Satellite Radio.

    • Kenny also works as a motivational keynote speaker for coporate or private events.

    • He helped organize a Sept. 11 charity basketball game benefiting Hurricane Katrina victims.

    • Kenny Smith created the Kenny Smith North Carolina Boy and Girls Basketball Camp.

    • He makes approximately $20,000 per show as an NBA analyst.

    • Kenny was the sixth pick in the first round of the 1987 NBA draft.

    • He currently resides in Houston with wife, Dawn, and two children.

    • Kenny was elected to the Board of Directors for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Houston in 1991.

    • He holds the UNC record with 86 assists in NCCA Tournament play.

    • He holds the UNC assist record with 768.

    • He graduated university with degree in Industrial Relations.

    • Kenny averaged 13.8 points and 7.1 assists per game in his rookie season.

    • He was named to the NBA All Rookie Team in 1988.

    • He has the best field goal percentage of NBA guards in 1992-93 season.

    • He is Houston's all-time leader in three-point field goal percentage at .407.

    • He scored a career high 41 points against the Los Angeles Lakers in 1993.

    • He currently works as an NBA studio analyst with host Ernie Johnson and Charles Barkely for TNT and TBS.

    • He won the NBA Championships with the Houston Rockets in 1994 and 1995.

    • In 1987, he was drafted in the first round by the Sacramento Kings.

    • He went to University of North Carolina.

    • Kenny went to high school at Archbishop Molloy in New York.

    • Kenny is 6'3".

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