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  • Kent McCord best known for his role in "Adam 12". He can also be found in over 40 episodes of "The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet". He is a current member of the National Board of Directors for SAG.

    Kent McCord may not be a familiar name for the youngest generation of TV & movie watchers, but for those of us growing up with shows like “Adam 12” and “Dragnet” he is well known as an icon of what a policeman should be like. In recent years he has devoted a majority of his time with SAG. (Screen Actors Guild) He was the Secretary-Treasurer and one time, but is currently the 1st Vice President.

    I understand the importance of playing an active role in the SAG, but here is an actor that we really deserve to see more of on screen be it TV or movie. He’s most recent role was “Vice Admiral Sommerville” on “Tides of War”. This was small part in a made for TV movie. I also noticed that he has no current pictures in production. I am hoping this will change real soon.

    This is more of current review of Kent McCord as there are no current shows in which I can review him in. However, I have always found Kent to be an excellent actor. Definitely worth checking out some of his older series on DVD!