Kent Taylor

Kent Taylor


5/11/1906, Nashua, Iowa, U.S.A.



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His movie debut was in the film "The Magnificent Lie" (1931) with Ralph Bellamy and Charles Boyer, but Kent Taylor was not credited in this movie. In 1942 he starred as Doc Holiday in "Tombstone, the town too tough to die" along with Richar Dix who played the…more


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    • Kent Taylor was partly the inspiration for Superman`s secret identity name because Taylor was the brother in law of Jerry Siegel's wife. Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster were the creators of Superman, so they chose the name of Clark Kent for his super character. "Kent" was for Taylor and "Clark" for Clark Gable who was at his best in those years.

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  • A great actor unjustly underrated.

    When I was a kid, one of my favorite T.V. shows was "Boston Blackie". It was about a private detective who solved difficult or, I'd rather say, dangerous cases with the help of Mary, his sweetheart, and Whitey, his dog. Kent Taylor was excellent portraying this detective and I can't imagine anyone else in the role although Chester Morris was the most famous Blackie of the screen. Kent Taylor, always with that thin moustache and wearing a hat that he never lost, no matter what rough the fight against the baddy was, had a great charisma and personality. To me his Boston Blackie show was the best of the time and he the best of the heroes.moreless