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  • A superb actor!

    Handicapped with being able to use extremely limited English, I found Keone Young to be so very talented with his impeccable use of sounds and facial expressions to convey clear & effective emotions and communication! A fabulous actor! I could not imagine anyone else playing this part with such perfection!

    I don't believe this character type cast him by a long shot-I would love to see him in alot more - I believe his talent is very versatile.

    I don't feel the need to a site required minimum of 100 words here-I said what I meant, so please excuse the exclamation points yet take them as praise to this man's talent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Plays the voice of Kaz on Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi.

    Leone Young is one of the best voice actors ever. The way he does Kaz's voice is pure brilliance and no one can do it better than him. Even though his character does get beat up alot, his hrases & antics are hilarious. I'm glad CN chose this guy to play the voice Kaz on HHPAY.