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  • I love him realLEE..he is so talented and he is so handsome..what can I say more..?..just gotta look into his eyez to lose myself.his songs are very good.and when I listen to his voice don't know but something makes me fly without wings..and I feel like a

    hmm..this guy is really talented and he is soo handsome for me..hehe ..he looks like half JUDE LAW half BRIAN MOLKO..and both of them are my favourite I gotta like way to escape his love:D
    and his voice..his face..he is realLEE talented..he has a very good voice..he knows how to use it..and one of my favourite things about him is his looks..his looks are like..u know..when u feel something very strong you can't explain your feelings..this is a kind of these things for me.just love him though he is a brilllant star..but always thinkin about him to be with me..but I know it'll never bee :(