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Kerr Smith

Kerr Smith


3/9/1972, Exton, Pennsylvania

Birth Name

Kerr Van Cleve Smith


  • Kerr Smith as Ryan on Life Unexpected.
  • Kerr Smith as Ryan stars in Life UneXpec...
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Kerr grew up in the Philadelphia suburb of Exton, Pennsylvania. During his senior year of high school, he made his first dramatic performance playing Sir Edward Ramsey in his school's production of The King and I. He then attended the University of Vermont, where he received a Bachelor…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Loved him since Dawson's Creek.

    I've loved Kerr Smith as an actor ever since I first saw him star on Dawson's Creek. I loved how is character Jack McPhee grew as a person on screen. He made Jack who he was on the show. I couldn't see anyone else playing him. From being the brother of Andie, to Joey's boyfriend, to the first and only gay person in Capeside. But he made it through all of that to become a great person. Kerr played that role so well, that's what made me love Jack as a person. Then playing on Charmed as Detective Kyle Brody. It gave him more standing in the TV world starring in another long time running WB show. It showed what a wonderful and talented actor he really was. Obviously Dawson's Creek and Charmed were two different shows, and Kerr got to show two sides of himself. Kyle Brody was more of the brooding type. Being the love interest of Paige and the tough take no guff kind of cop. Then moving onto Tom Nicholson on Justice made it all the more worth while to start watching the show. I love this show very much especially the episodes where Tom would be trying the case. This is another role that he owned, he moved from the akward,estranged character of Jack to a tought attourney. His character Tom was sympathetic to his clients, but not too much that they would take advantage of him in the process. He knew what he was talking about, and knew exactly how he was going to get it done. This showed me how much I love Kerr Smith as an actor. I've really grown to like his acting style, how he really gets into his role. I can't wait to see more from him in the future on tv, and hopefully more acting roles in movies.moreless
  • Jack

    As Jack, on the hit teen soap Dawson's Creek, Kerr brought a level of sensitivity to a great character that had a lot to deal with early on in adolescence. A role that required a lot performance wise and was some what unpresidented in the world of teen soaps Kerr pulled it off with sheer excellence. He became a personel favorite of mine after only his first season on the show, sticking around until the very end.moreless