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  • Trivia

    • Kerri dedicated her autobiography, Landing On My Feet: A Diary Of Dreams to her former teammate, Hilary Grivich.

    • Kerri won an ESPY Award in 1997 for her performance in the 1996 Olympic Games.

    • Following the 1996 Olympics Kerri starred in a commercial for ESPN's SportCenter.

    • Kerri's favorite subjects in school were math and French.

    • Kerri's favorite music is country.

    • Kerri's favorite food is raspberries.

    • In 1993 Kerri tore an abdominal muscle during training and was kept out of competition for over eight months!

    • At the age of fourteen, Kerri was the youngest member of the 1992 United States Olympic Gymnastics Team.

    • Kerri began gymnastics in 1982.

    • Kerri won the Olympic Spirit Award for her performance in the team competition in the 1996 Olympic Games.

    • Kerri's favorite events are floor exercise and uneven bars.

    • Kerri has two Olympic medals: a bronze medal from the 1992 Barcelona Games and a gold medal from the 1996 Atlanta Games.

    • Kerri now works for the U.S. State Department in Washington, DC.

    • Kerri qualified for the all-around competition in the 1996 Olympic Games but had to pull out because of her severely sprained ankle. Dominique Moceanu competed in her place.

    • Kerri actually qualified for event finals in two events (vault and floor exercise) in the 1996 Olympics, but could not compete because of her sprained ankle, so Shannon Miller and Dominique Dawes took her place in those events.

    • Kerri was thrilled when she was asked to do a guest appearance on Beverly Hills 90210 because it was one of her favorite TV shows!

    • Kerri won the American Cup in 1996, the only all-around title she has ever won.

    • Kerri sustained a serious back injury when she fell from the uneven bars while competing in the 1994 U.S. National Gymnastics Championships. She surprised everyone when she was able to heal a potential crippling injury in a matter of months.

    • Kerri declined the offer to be a part of the 1996 John Hancock Tour of Olympic Champions because the tour would not allow her to attend college at the same time. The next year the tour schedule was adjusted so that performances were only on weekends, allowing Kerri to attend school during the week.

    • Kerri was one of three girls on the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Team that was also a member of the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Team. (Shannon Miller and Dominique Dawes were the others.)

    • Kerri was a member of two Olympic teams (1992 & 1996).

    • After the 1992 Olympics, Kerri trained at Steve Nunno's gym in Oklahoma and Tom Forrester's gym in Colorado for a while before returning to Bela Karolyi's gym in 1995.

    • Kerri was trained by legendary gymnastics coach Bela Karolyi who also trained Nadia Comaneci and Mary Lou Retton to Olympic gold.

    • Kerri wrote a children's book called "Heart of Gold".

    • Kerri attended UCLA.

    • The score for the vault that Kerri Strug performed on her injured ankle in the '96 Olympics was 9.712.

    • At the 1996 Olympic Games Kerri Strug had the smallest shoe size (size 5 1/2!) out of all of the American Olympians from every sport!

  • Quotes

    • Kerri Strug: (about having pain in her ankle after her first vault and having only 30 seconds to complete the second one) It seemed like a bad dream, and walking back, I knew something was wrong. But I think it would have been awful to just walk away and for the rest of my life, wonder if I had done it, would I have made it? Would we have won the gold? Would we have not? I was just proud that I had done what I knew I was capable of, because for so long, everyone said, "Kerri Strug has the talent and works so hard, but she always blows it when it counts." It was kind of ironic that in the end, my last competition in the Olympics, when everything was on me, that I was finally able to pull it out and do well, and do what I had done in the gym over and over and over again.

    • Kerri Strug: (about the USA women's gymnastics team winning gold in 1996) It was unbelievable. I mean, I had never experienced anything like that. There's a special bond because of what we accomplished. I mean, we went down in history together.

    • (in response to criticism that she was hogging the glory)
      Kerri: There were seven girls on that team--none of us could have done it alone; I know that!

    • Kerri: I used to think that every competition was a means to an end. You know, if I don't do well here, the world's over...what am I gonna do?

    • (on living away from her parents at a young age)
      Kerri: I've become a lot more responsible, because you have to be. You have to be dedicated, for one thing, to give up your family, and disciplined and stuff. But, you know, you still do everything you're supposed to do, even though you don't have your parents there telling you what to do.

    • (on her decision to go back to Karolyi's gym)
      Kerri: Since I left Bela's, I've always had expectations of what training should be like. But nobody trains like he does...not even Steve Nunno. It's been hard to adapt to anyone else's style. Even though it's really hard, Karolyi's is the best.

    • (on her decision to vault on her injured ankle)
      Kerri: When Bela looks at you and says, "You can do it!" you know you can do it!

    • (on being coached by Bela Karolyi)
      Kerri: It's pretty intimidating when you first come to Karolyi's and you've seen him on TV. He's a great coach, and then to actually have him start coaching you is scary at first.

    • (on her decision to do a second vault)
      Kerri: Yes, I was in pain, but I've been in a lot of pain before. I heard a snap, but in gymnastics, you always hear pop, crackle, whatever. A lot of athletes compete with pain, so I knew I just had to try to overcome it and go again.