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  • Trivia

    • Both Kerry and her MDA co-star, Petra Jared, have appeared on the TV series Ocean Girl.

    • Kerry & partner Greg live on a 22-acre property in the country.

    • She made history in 2002 by winning both the Australian Film Institute's Best Actress awards in film and television. She won for her performance in the feature film 'Lantana', and for her role in the ABC television series 'Seachange'.

      She has three sons: Sam, and twins Jai and Callum. She also has a step-daughter, Shanti.

      Formerly married to Brad Robinson - a founding member and guitarist of the band Australian Crawl. It is not known when the couple separated, but he is not the father of any of her three children. Robinson died in 1996 after a battle with cancer.

  • Quotes

    • Kerry (on appearing on Dancing With The Stars): For Greg and me, it's exciting because he knows how much I love dancing. I think we'll keep doing dancing lessons with Chris when we finish the show.

    • Kerry (on her partner, barrister Greg Lucas): We met when I was 16 and he was 19, and the thing you did in those days was dance.

    • Kerry (on her sons' support on Dancing With The Stars): They're all really gorgeous. Callum said to me, 'Tell them that you're trying your hardest, mummy!' and Jai said he's going to try and get me in the school newsletter. Sam also said, 'Don't worry, Mum - I think you're really cool.'

    • Kerry (on the lack of key roles in Australian dramas and comedies since reality TV): For me, Dancing With The Stars is one of those shows that lifts people's hearts, whereas some of the others…people sound to me like they're sick of them.

    • Kerry (on her Dancing With The Stars partner, Gary Sweet): He's gifted as a sportsperson and, physically he'll be loving this challenge. I wouldn't be surprised what Gaz does - I think he'll be swinging from the rafters!