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Kerry Butler

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Kerry Butler was born in Brooklyn New York. She began acting at the age of three when she started doing commercials. Her mother wanted her to have a "normal" childhood, so from ages five-nine, she did. Finally, after much begging and pleading, she got her mother to let…more


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  • Great Actress and Singer!!!

    Now, Kerry Butler, where should I about...Hairspray! Now, she played the original Penny in Hairspray, and boy, when you heard her sing OR recite her lines, oh boy, you really believed that she was into that role. You would also think what an excellent actress she would have to be to originate on of these roles in a great play like Hairspray is. Next, Little Shop of Horrors. Kerry left the Neil Simon Theatre to play a much larger role (Audrey) in a Little Shop of Horrors revival. I have seen videos on her website of her singing on the show, and boy, was she superb!!! She got so completely into her part, it was amazing! I could tell that the casting directors made the right choice to pick her for the role. Boy, oh boy, do I wish I could sing like Kerry, that would make my life perfect (or close to at least...) Kerry Butler is one amazing, talented, and wonderful singer and actor!!!moreless