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  • One of the better television writers of the last 20 years.

    As a writer on "Moonlighting," Kerry Ehrin was a funny and clever contributor to one of the most intelligent shows of the time. She was one of the people responsible for the crafting of the characters who made the show so refreshing and different. The term "dramedy" was created for the blend of drama and comedy seen on "Moonlighting" and a few other shows of the time. Indeed, not enough shows today seem to know how to call on that type of contrast. Every other show these days is either too heavy for its own good, or so dumb you can't take it seriously at all. Well, back then, it wasn't like that. There's a reason people still love to watch the shows on which Kerry worked. In these days of the writer's strike, we see all the more clearly the value of talented people. Keep an eye on the credits, you'll see it's worth it.