Kerry Von Erich

Kerry Von Erich


2/3/1960, Niagara Falls, New York, USA



Birth Name

Kerry Gene Adkisson



Also Known As

The Texas Tornado, The Modern Day Warrior
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One of the younger members of the internationally known wrestling family "Von Erich" Kerry is perhaps the most well-known. He wrestled for years until he was arrested for drugs and later killed himself in fear of going to prison.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In 1991 Kerry participated in Wrestlemania VII. He defeated Dino Bravo in the pay-per-view event.

    • Kerry's signature moves are the Von Erich Clawhold (developed by his father) and the Tornado Punch (also called the Discuss Punch due to his days of throwing discuss in track).

    • "Pro Wrestling Illustrated" voted Kerry #24 out of the 500 best wrestlers of all time in 2003. A decade after his death his popularity still lived on.

    • Kerry is credited on the 2002 video games "Legends of Wrestling" and "Legends of Wrestling 2".

    • On December 25, 1983 Kerry wrestled against and defeated Freebird Michael Hayes in a loser-leave-town cage match.

    • Kerry's professional wrestling debut occurred on May 7, 1978. He wrestled against (and defeated) Paul Perschman in Dallas, Texas. For the next two years he wrestled without payment so he could maintain his amateur status and compete in the Olympics. When the boycott happened he turned his attention to wrestling, deciding not to wait for the 1984 Olympics.

    • In high school Kerry set a Texas state high school record with a discus toss of 196.7 feet. He broke the old record by more than 14 feet.

    • Kerry was 6 foot 2 inches tall.

    • Kerry was wrestling in New York for the WWF when he witnessed a robbery. The purse snatcher made the mistake of running in Kerry's direction and Kerry caught him with a clothesline. Kerry returned the purse to the victim.

    • Kerry has a cameo appearance in the film "Problem Child" starring John Ritter.

    • Kerry was arrested on February 1992 for forging a prescription. He had become addicted to painkillers after the surgery to remove his foot. He was sentenced to 10 years probation.

    • At "Superclash III" Kerry was wrestling Jerry "The King" Lawler when the referee called the match due to Kerry's bloodloss. Kerry lost his World Class championship belt in the match.

    • Arguably one of Kerry's greatest matches was his defeat of "Nature Boy" Ric Flair on May 6th, 1984. He won the NWA World Heavyweight Championship belt and dedicated the match to his older brother David who had died a few months prior to the match.

    • Kerry is survived by two daughters, Hollie and Lacey.

    • Kerry lost his foot in a motorcycle accident in 1986 and until his death wrestled with a prosthetic foot.

    • Kerry von Erich won the (WCCW) World Class Tag Team title 4 times. He won the belts 3 with his older brother Kevin and once with then newcomer Jeff Jarrett.

    • Kerry qualified for the 1980 U.S. Olympic team but was unable to compete due to the boycott.

    • In high school Kerry played football for Lake Dallas High. He also competed in the discuss throw for the track team.

  • Quotes

    • Kerry: (Regarding the death of his older brother David) When my brother David died, the funeral was bigger than the Kennedy funeral. The police department -- helicopters and the motorcycles -- they stopped all the traffic on the highway going to David's grave sight, it was incredible. It was a great, great feeling. There was a lot of people who felt like they lost a brother. You've got to remember, my brothers and I competed in high school and college, and everything we did put on TV. Every time I scored a high school touchdown, it was on the news. They used to call my football team -- not Lake Dallas Football Team, they called it Adkisson and company in the newspaper. That made me feel good.