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  • Kerry is one of those actors who takes you by storm. She\'s the one who can have the smallest role in a movie and still be remembered more than the main chracters. She is one of the bests and has a huge range of talent.

    She has played so many different roles such as a teenage mom in Save the Last Dance, the wife of a legend in Ray, and a blind women who falls in love with the Thing in Fantastic 4. All roles in which show off her wonderful talent ability. All the top actors and actresses better watch out cause Kerry in a force to be reconed with. She has more talent then some of the top celebs. today who are just riding on the family name. She is one of my all time favoites and I can\'t wait to see what she will be doing in the future.
  • She's very Believable

    Kerry Washington is brilliant on this show. I love the strength as well as vulnerability that her character portrays. She's definitely a "Fixer" and watching the character Olivia Pope fly into action is a thrilling ride. Her co-stars add to the brilliance that makes this show so good. Columbus Short (Harrison) Guillermo Daz (Huck - my favorite), Darby Stanchfield (Abby), Jeff Perry (Cyrus), are enjoyable to watch. Bellamy Young (Mellie) is someone I love to hate. She has done justice to that character. Kudos to Shondra Rhimes. This show is a keeper.
  • She has energy i this one

    Well she has always been a looker from i think i love my wife to last king of Scotland to fantastic four in this one though she does have a fire burning so hot u hate to be on the wrong side of it. its a nice break for her from flicks to sequels just hope to see more action from her in this light
  • Soooooooooo gorgeous

    Wowww she is My favorite actress , just awesome she's Smart & May God counting to bless u