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  • One of 4Kids' Best Voice Actors

    I think Kerry Williams is one of 4Kids' best voice actors for young charactors. She does real well with Fumu (Tiff) in the dub of 'Hoshi No Kirby' (AKA 'Kirby Right Back At Ya!'). Her voice for Fumu sounds very close to her Japanese voice. I think the only voice she does that I don't really care for is Nami in 'One Piece' since it isn't really as good as Nami's voice in the FUNimation dub of 'One Piece'. I think she would have done very well with Cream in 'Sonic X' and she should voice Cream in the newer Sonic games because she does real well with young voices and Rebecca Honig is terrible with voicing Cream. She makes Cream sound very squiky and pethetic, even my Dad agrees. I hope Kerry Williams (or another good 4Kids voice like Liza Jacquline) voices Cream in future Sonic games so that Cream stops sounding screetchy.
  • AWFUL! This woman dystroyed Nami in the English Version of Onepiece,she goes right up there in my top 5 worst female voice actress's ever,right up there next to Kristin Erdman( the actress who killed Shout in the English Bomberman Jetters Video Game!)

    This is disgraceful, I mean in the japanese version, Nami had one of the cutest Sexiest voices in ever in history of japanese voice acting,but Kerry Williams on the other hand Killed Her entire character,she changed Nami from a hard working responsible sexy female to an obnoxiouse spoiled Brat who wants to Trade in her Money for Candy who you can't trust for a min with your Finacial funds/ Credit Card

    Every time Nami speaks in the English 4Kids Dub,she's always whinning 24/7 no matter what, Kerry should never Voice act again! thank god Funimation now has this show!
  • very good voice actor

    this i8s a very good voice actor well known for her part in one piece as nami . c o o l a c t o r 1 0 / 1 0 * * * * * * * A M A Z I N G A C T O R O N E P I E C E I S T H E B E S T S H O W E V E R A N D T H I S P E R S O N W A S I N I T A S A V O I C E A C T O R !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):):):):):):):)
  • My Favort Caraters she plays are "Tiff" & "Mechazawa"

    My Favort Caraters Kerry Williams Play are Tiff of "Kirby: Right Back at Ya!" & Mechazawa of "Cormartie High School" I also enjoy here "Lupin the III" Guest Star apperences like the Theith who put a mecha chip in Zeigata's teeth I alway think Tiff is (Hamtaro) Cute

    To cute to be with Kirby Tiff should be in "Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Inland"