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    • Keshia Knight Pulliam: (on mobilizing the youth vote) We cannot stop now,... ...This is a fight, this is something that's going to take time, and we have to continue to support President Obama and continue to have the people in place around him to support the things we want to happen, support the change we want to happen.

    • Keshia Knight Pulliam: (Speaking on her perfect date night in ATL) Well ... it's been a while! (giggles) I always enjoy a good meal. La Fonda Latina and bowling with a sexy man would make my day.

    • Keshia Knight Pulliam: (On her best places to shop in ATL when she is splurging at her spots) I am a Neiman Marcus girl all the way! I can spend the whole day in Neiman's. I'll start at the restaurant (NM Cafe) and Ms. Gloria will make me a "Keshia," my special drink. Then I'll go upstairs and peruse shoes, handbags, makeup and clothes. I also like Intermix in Phipps Plaza.

    • Keshia Knight Pulliam: (On her favorite ATL restaurant and dish when she is splurging at her spots) My two favorite ATL restaurants are The Flying Biscuit and La Fonda Latina. I can eat at both several times a week, and I always get the same thing. From The Flying Biscuit, I get the "High Flyer" (egg whites scrambled with cheese, grits, chicken sausage and a FRESH oatmeal pancake). From La Fonda, I get two tilapia fish tacos with sweet plantains and queso dip.

    • Keshia Knight Pulliam: (Talking about doing a cooking show or writing a cookbook in a Vibe interview) I would definitely be interested in doing a cooking show or something related to cooking and I think probably most immediately, I would do a cookbook. But right now we're so busy with doing House of Payne and other endeavors because I have a production company on my own so I'm busy with all of that. I barely have time to cook dinner for myself these days [laughs].

    • Keshia Knight Pulliam: (Explaining what her favorite things to cook are in a Vibe interview) It depends on what I feel like eating. I make everything from rack of lamb, to smothered pork chops in rice and gravy, to collard greens, to roasted chicken, so I kinda have a good collection of recipes under my belt. Once you know the fundamentals of cooking then you don't need to follow a recipe, you just know what herbs go well or what meats, or what combination of what goes together and then you can just branch out from there. But if there's something specific that I want to make, I work on the recipe and tweak it to my own.

    • Keshia Knight Pulliam: (Explaining why she is not doing her Reality TV show with her boyfriend anymore in a Vibe interview) We decided not to go that route and it's definitely for the best. We're no longer together and I don't think I'm very interested in doing a show about a relationship anymore.

    • Keshia Knight Pulliam: (Explaining some of her favorite things about working with Lance Gross in a Vibe interview) We just have a lot of fun together. He's a friend and he's a pleasure to work with. He's as silly as can be and he just makes my job easy. I can't complain [because] I get to go to work and look at a fine boy all day [laughs].

    • Keshia Knight Pulliam: (about occasionally unexpected fan encounters) The other day, at the gym, I was doing kickbacks, and my butt was in the air, and someone came up and was like, "I don't want to bother you....." But I understand that people really did grow up with me.

    • Keshia Knight Pulliam: (about Internet rumors that she was into drugs) They were trying to say that Rudy Huxtable is a cokehead! The only time it hurts is when people I feel should know better start to question me. It's like, "You know me! Have you ever seen some strange white powder in my nose?