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  • Handsome, talented and probably more. A sensation in the becoming indeed!

    Kevin Alejandro appears to be one of those rare multigifted, multitalented star/actor. Gorgeous, yet discreet and mysterious, he got it all to make it big. He seems to have impressed many in Y&R and blown away all viewers in that one episode of Alias. I can see him in so many films , playing several roles; from big blockbuster sci-fi to drama, to romantic comedy. There's a long list of movies and tv series he should've or could've starred in. That intensity he put in his acting is quite amazing. I hope he's not been overlooked because there's great potential in him. if he has just started his career, he's definitely a mega star to be.
  • Kevin needs a new bio. I am a level 1 so I can't post one for him. But I have written a new one in the review. I hope anyone with the power to do so please replace my bio with the existing one. Thanks.

    Kevin was born and raised in Texas. He grew up in the west Texas desert town of Snyder. Kevin heard his calling while in high school under the tutelage of the legendary drama instructor, Jerry P. Worsham. Under Worsam's gifted wing Kevin participated in many forms of competitive acting, winning a room full of honors and awards culminating in a scholarship to study theater arts at the University of Texas in Austin. After two years in Austin the pull west became too strong and he packed his things and left for Hollywood. Now, he is here but he is only just arriving, flexing his acting muscle in diverse roles in such programs as CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, 24, and a recurring role on The Young And The Restless.
  • Kevin is a very good actor, He is also a guy that can speak Spanish and English. He is very good looking. He can look good in a suite or in thug clothes or with hair or with out hair and he also loks good with not face hair/ goatee.

    I've seen him in every show he's been in since he was on Y&R.
    I think he also will be a very good fastaction actor and a fun loving actor in a movie.
    He looks like he can be a white guy or a latin guy.
    He is a HOT guy.
    Kevin is