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Kevin Ashman

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  • Heaven is... a date with Kevin Ashman.

    I think Kevin Ashman is the loveliest man on earth- charming, modest, gorgeous, handsome, intelligent and with a sense of humour. Wow, what a guy! I have given him a perfect score, because in my eyes he is the perfect man and what an inspiration he is to us all. Great admiration and respect bestowed on my favourite egghead-what an honour it would be to meet him... maybe one day in my most favourite bookstore Waterstone's, in Leeds? Heaven is...a date with Kevin Ashman.

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  • Gotta love the brains, this is one guy I find myself seroiusly in love with :)

    I will have to agree with my fellow fan, Kevin is definitely my favourite egghead. So he's not the best looking guy on T.V. he's certainly one of the smartest and I have a lot of love for him. If ever he's lonely in Australia, he should look me up :) my god that's sad.... still though, I guess we all have our types, mine happens to be smart and middle aged, thankfully, smart middle aged guys tend to like 18 year old blonde girls. Go figure, I just wish I had the chance to meet him, he's one of few people on gameshows that are worth the air they breathe.moreless