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    Kevin Bacon is not my favorite actor, but there is no denying his longevity and success. The man is ageless for one thing. The guy is 50 and yet perpetually boyish.

    He's had some great roles. Footloose, Animal House, A Few Good Men, Apollo 13. He's also had a bunch of pretty bad roles. But he just keeps churning out the movies, which I respect.
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    Kevin Bacon is a true actor. The man has been in so many films that it is almost unbelievable. Have you ever heard of the game of "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon?" Anyhow, you really believe that he got into acting because he loves it for what it is. You'll never see him in any tabloids and you won't hear any gossip about him. In his roles, you sense more realism than many other actor's who are considered more talented than he. Of all of his roles in all of his movies, my favorite has to be "Flatliners."
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    Great actor. He has numerous roles, and I think that all of his roles are unique and very well done. I particulary like Kevin Bacon on movies such as "Tremors", "Apollo 13" and above all, "Sleepers" which was one of his best movies. I think that he is one great actor, and I really like his style. He is great.
  • Extremely versatile and talented. His career has been this long for good reason.

    I usually don't watch a movie just because a certain actor is in it, but Kevin Bacon is an exception to that rule. Like I said he is extremely versatile; people joke about the "generic Tom Cruise character," but there is no generic Kevin Bacon character. Some of them you care about or root for (Footloose, Apollo 13) and some of them are slimy (Sleepers, Wild Things). And some of them it's hard to tell because they've done terrible things but they also have their own demons torturing them (The Woodsman). He seems to be fearless when it comes to being experimental and playing controversial roles. The only thing all his characters have in common is their believability and an intense, memorable on-screen presence. I've been impressed with every performance of his that I've seen so far.
  • A too often overlooked genius

    Kevin Bacon is one of the best actors of our lifetime. He does a great peformance in no matter what genre he is in, whether it be High School (Footloose), Horror (Friday The 13th), Sci-fi Action (Hollow Man), Comedy (Tremors), Drama (Murder In The First), Thriller (The River Wild) or even Neo Noir (Wild Things), but yet he still seems to be left in the shadows by the general film going public.
    He's shown on many an occasion that he is capable of doing both blockbusters or Oscar worthy performances, but he is still continuously overlooked.
    With the best part of 30 years acting experience, I think it's time that hollywood finally accepts Kevin Bacon as one of the greatest actors around.
  • The more talented co-star!

    Maybe Kevin Bacon wasn't meant to be a leading man
    And that he really is much better as a character
    Actor rather than just carrying the film. I have loved him
    Since he was in the movie Footloose and had a crush
    On him when he was in that movie! Great actor but
    Like one reviewer says, very underrated. She is very right about that!
  • One of the most versitle, talented, yet underrating actors of our time.

    10 he got his big break in Footloose...but having said that, and being the biggest Kevin Bacon fan since the 80\'s, he deserves more kudos then he\'s been given.
    He is very talented and not afraid to take on roles that may not be mainstream Hollywood.
    Has anyone seen his performance in Digging to China? How about Murder in the First.
    He is amazing to watch.
    The thing about him is that he is just a down to earth guy...I\'ve met him and his brother after one of their concerts (love the music) and can say he is very kind and sweet.
    Come on Hollywood, let\'s finally get it right with this guy...Tom Cruise could never do some of the roles that Kevin has given his heart and sould to.