Kevin Clash





9/17/1960 , Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Birth Name




Kevin Clash made Elmo famous, when he was 10, Kevin Clash first saw Sesame Street, instantly, he was a huge fan. "I was glued to the TV set figuring out how to build these puppets. That was my goal, that's where I wanted to be with them" says Kevin Clash. Kevin Clash started building his own puppet and when he was a teenager, he started performing in his hometown of Baltimore. He then moved to Captain Kangaroo and in the early 80's, Kevin Clash became a muppeteer! But it was just by chance that Elmo ended up on Kevin Clash's hand. At the time, another puppeteer, Richard Hunt was Elmo. "He was holding this little monster by the rods that you worked the hands with and he threw it to me and he said 'put it on, just put it on. Now do a voice for it.' And I did this falsetto voice. So I went into the control room with him and Richard said 'Listen I don't like doing this character, I'm tired of these calls I'm getting performing this character. So Kevin came up with a voice.'" Said Kevin Clash being interviewed for A&E.