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  • Elmo!!

    Such a lovable character. Great at what he does.
  • kevin clash is gorgeous!! my son watches Elmo ALL the time, now I can fantasize about Kevin while my son gets his Elmo fix.

    I loved watching Kevin Clash on Oprah. I had no idea he was soooooo gorgeous!! And he has the sexiest voice I have ever heard. I pictured the voice of Elmo as being a geeky, nerd not a gorgeous hunk of a man. I would love to meet him in person as I didn't see a wedding ring!! Kevin brings a whole new meaning to "la-la-la-la" and I would most definitely love to be a part of Kevin's world. I definitely will be watching Sesame Street with a whole new attitude. Not only will it be educational for my son, but a smile maker for me as well now that I know what "Elmo" looks like.