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    Huffington Post - 31 October 2011 - Dancing at Lughnasa

    "Another unsettling event is the appearance of Michael's absent father, Gerry Evans, (Kevin Collins) a well-meaning but unreliable Welsh dreamer who broke Chrissy's heart. Collins emits the optimism and charm necessary to sustain a man who always thinks (wrongly) that great success is just around the corner."

    New York Times -April 21, 2009,The Yeats Project

    "Kevin Collins, the charismatic young actor who imbues Cuchulain with a gleaming heroism, also speaks the poetry with an unstudied lyricism that collapses the distance between character and language, and between a distant theatrical style and contemporary taste."

    New York Times - December 9, 2005, Mrs Warren's Profession

    "Kevin Collins manages to find the easygoing charm in the priggish Frank Gardner, Shaw's proto-himbo, whose dialogue is laced with hearty exclamations like, 'By Jove, what a lark!'"