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Kevin Corn is an American voice actor who does English dub for anime. He mostly works for ADV films. His most popular characters that he voices would probably be Daisuke Niwa from D.N.Angel, Kotaru Kobayashi from Angelic Layer, and Kouryuu from Saiyuki.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • According to the commentary on Angelic Layer DVD Volume 6, Kevin and his family had moved to Tennessee.

    • On the Angelic Layer DVD Volume 2 audio commentary, Monica Rial remarks that Kevin Corn should attend anime conventions because all the girls are his age. Kevin was 12 years old when he participated in Spriggan in 2001.

    • Kevin worked in the Alley Theater's production of A Christmas Carol. One of the folks from AD Vision noticed his work there and asked him to audition.

    • Kevin's first voice acting role with ADV was Colonel MacDougall in the anime movie Spriggan.

  • Quotes

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  • Kevin is an amazing voice actor. daisuke niwa is an amazing character and he does such a great job! i like him A LOT!!!!

    Kevin!!!!! i love you and your freaking voice! you sound like an amazing person! you are my role model (even though I'm older than you (I'm 17). if you read this you should email me at because i have become a fan boy because of you!

    well i hope to see you at a convention sometime (Seattle area) i need to know what you look like first because i cant find a single picture of you! oh well thank you, your fan, Jacob Larsenmoreless
  • I love Kevin's voice! It's unique, and I wish I heard it more. Not only that, but he really cares about his fans. I have a letter from him and I am so thankful!moreless

    I think most people would agree that he is extrememly talented for his age. I love Daisuke's voice in DNAngel, and of course I loved his voice in Angelic Layer. I found out, though, he is really thankful for his fans, and once I sent a letter into ADV films (random fan letter - I was obsessed then- eek), but my friend drew a picture and one day I got a response in the mail. I called my friend and we read it together. I was surprised at how appreciative he was and he said he even taped her drawing to his wall. It was really awesome, and one day, darn it, I will find a way to tell him thank you. Lol.moreless