Kevin Corrigan

Kevin Corrigan


3/27/1969, The Bronx, New York, USA

Birth Name

Kevin Fitzgerald Corrigan



Also Known As

Kevin Fitzgerald Corrigan
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Born in the Bronx, New York on March 27th 1969, Kevin Corrigan is arguably best known as slacker Eddie Finnerty on Grounded For Life opposite Donal Logue. Kevin's passion for acting started out when he played the role of Jesus in a church production at the age of…more


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    • (When asked what his favorite comic is)
      Kevin: The Hulk. I really don't know why though, because it doesn't seem like it would be much fun to be the Hulk.

    • (When asked about his view on fame)
      Kevin: I saw this happen to my friend Mike last year. You watch other actors, other performers, riding some wave of attention. Then it's happening to you, and it puts a different perspective on things. Now I can think where my friends' heads were at when they were behind these things.

    • (Why he wanted to become an actor)
      Kevin: Well, it looked like a lot of fun. It looked pretty easy too. Not that it is, but from a thirteen year old's point of view it looked that way. I started out with painting for a while. My mother is an artist. Actually, I was interested in doing comics.

    • (About his bad habits)
      Kevin: I bite my nails. I'm a nervous guy.