Kevin Dillon





8/19/1965 , Mamaroneck, New York, USA

Birth Name

Kevin Brady Dillon




The younger brother of Matt Dillon. His debut role was in Oscar Stone's 1986 movie: Platoon where he played a young trigger happy American Solider by the name of Bunny, who goes on a violent spree. He also did some of the G.I. letters in HBO's documentary Dear America: Letters from Vietnam (1987). Even Though Bunny is his most memorable role, Kevin Dillon has done feature films and he even did some time on stage: The Indian wants the Bronx.
While his brother Matt goes on good looks and smooth talking in his movies, Kevin Dillon plays more 'flinty' roles such as John Densmore in Oliver Stones' film The Doors (1991) where Kevin plays a drummer in the 1960s rock'n'roll band. Kevin also played a few teenage roles like in the movie Heaven Help Us (1985).
Dillon turned to TV-movies in 1986 where he stared in the CBS movie When He's Not a Stranger where he co-starred with Annabeth Gish in a movie about date rape. As the 90's dwindled away, so did Kevin Dillon's big screen roles, he found himself more on the small screen.
In 1996 he appeared in the HBO movie Stag with Andrew McCarthy and Mario Van Peebles. That same year he stared in the CBS miniseries "Gone In The Night" where he co-starred with Shannen Doherty.
After a while, Kevin Dillon turned to TV series and got himself a recurring role on the ABC police drama NYPD Blue before he got a role as the brother of a woman in her late thirties who decides to go back to college in the CBS series That's Life (2000). Then he had a small recurring role on the Fox hit show 24. He ended up landing a role as the witty, not-as-successful brother of hot Hollywood actor Vince Chase in the HBO comedy Entourage (2004-).
Kevin has two brothers, Matt and Paul Dillon. Kevin attended Mamaroneck High School in Mamroneck, New York.