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  • Kevin Dillon-- We want more! I can't get enough of Johnny, the best sidekick since Andy Richter. I love your timing and accent. LOVE it.

    Wow, what a great character actor! I can't get enough of Entouage and I think "Johnny Drama" is a huge part of that. I quote his lines and mimic his "bro" all the time- I'm a girl! Can't wait to see him in some new roles as well.
  • Finally getting the recognition that he deserves!

    He is finally getting the recogntion that he deserves after being in the shadows of his famous former teen idol brother Matt. He is very funny as well as a really good actor. Glad that things are going well in his personal life. As he has a new baby girl and a new wife. Can't wait to see him if he can break out of Entourage but not for a long time.
  • A grat acter, I loved the Platoon

    Kevin Dillon is a good actor, even though his been here and there since the late 80's his still my idol, I remember watching him as Bunny on Platoon with my jaw open, the acting was great, the movie was great, and who could forget "when his not a stanger" such a sad movie. Kevin Dillon has done some great things. But I think his best is Platoon and his latest hit, Entourage, Its so funny! I Love shows and movies like that, ones about hollywood and stuff. KEVIN DILLON deserves to be more recognized then he is. Not Matt Dillon's younger brother but A great actor.