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    • Kevin Dobson (as to how his wife would talk about the scenes her husband would do on "Knots Landing"): I talk it over with Susan, but most of the time it's after the fact. 'God it was tough today,' you know, a torrid sex scene. Fortunately the guy I play being married, and is probably the most married guy in Hollywood, I think those torrid sex scenes, if you have any ideas, I'd welcome them. I think it's like safe sex working there and playing husband and wife and we have liberties but we haven't put on her nightgown yet or anything like that.

    • Kevin Dobson (on encouraging other actors to follow their understudies): Commitment to a goal is not a sometimes thing. I work at my craft every day as hard as I can. I can't say that I am in this business alone and I will succeed alone and will go into the future alone. It takes an absolute team. When you have a good team ... I credit my wife with that, the people around me like Joe Sutton, the right representation in agents, choosing the right material, being in the right place at the right time... and most of all, being patient. At first, I wanted all the leads and after realizing what the inside of the business is about and how I can build to get those leads, you have to have patience, so I credit dedication with tenacity as purpose will be rewarded. I firmly believe that it's a constant work effort, work ethic, belief in yourself and your abilities and not being afraid to take the next step forward.

    • Kevin Dobson: If you love your country, thank a veteran.

    • Kevin Dobson: I've lost two friends to AIDS, so if I can lend my support in helping out then I will do that. I'm also involved with the Special Olympics, which covers a wide variety of diseases.

    • Kevin Dobson: (when he made his directorial debut on "Knots Landing") It was everything I thought It would be and more. I was in total control. I felt like I wanted to do all the parts and yet you find out, you make a suggestion here and there and you see that come to fruition, you see that come alive. It's so rewarding. I had a great time with the younger people who are still finding a way, I really had a good time in making some adjustments and was tested as far as my creative input. on the technical side, I didn't walk in there pretending I knew the camera, you know.

    • Kevin Dobson: (about doing something else after "Kojak") I've been fortunate in that when Kojak ended, the dream happened again. And now I've done nine Movies of the Week that I've had the lead in and the movies are another career. I'm proud of where I am today and proud of what the future will hold in my profession.