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Born on May 20, Kevin Frazier began his TV career as a sports reporter for a number of TV stations. He went on to anchor sporting events on Fox sports and ESPN. He joined "Entertainment Tonight" as a correspondent in 2004.


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  • Very ignorant regarding canine behavior. Makes me question what else he's ignorant for which he speaks so openly


    Hearing the comments following the piece about the Denver Anchor being bitten, I wasflabbergastedat theignorance and where he placed blame. The blame was totally on the news anchor.

    The lesson to this story is you don't invade a dog's space placing your human values on them. Especially a stressed out and traumatizedanimal.

    And his weird comments about dogs running loose and out of control.

    You blew it Kevin....credibility about unbiased and accurate reporting is shot in my book

  • After being priveledged to drive Mr. Frasier around: being a Limo driver myself; I realized what an under-rated anchor he is. I know he has what it takes to run a ESPN/CBS/Fox TV show himself.moreless

    Definately the most under-rated person I've ever met or known about from the entertainment industry. Kevin is a show on his own, and possesses every skill I know of to be a host of any given TV series or late night show. I must say that I am quite spiteful since a person of this calibre hasn't been further amplified by more roles and apperances in the entertainment industry.

    In my experience of aiding Kevin off screen: he for one has the most Character, class, integrity and showman-ship I've ever seen in a person. I found Kevin to be the most respectful and respectable (Entertainment industry based)gentleman I've ever had the priveledge to meet to date. I'd be more then happy to have my kids follow the standards and ethics Frasier has established for his career. I can only hope other amplified members of society can achieve the level of integrity and honor that Kevin holds.