Kevin Gage





5/26/1959 , Wisconsin

Birth Name

Kevin Gaede




Kevin Gage, also known as Kevin Gaede, was born May 26, 1959, in Wisconsin. Gage's debut film appearnace was in the 1984 film Billy Crystal: A Comic's Line. From there Gage guest-starred in several TV series including Highway to Heaven, Werewolf and Marital Law. Films that Gage appeared in include Spacecamp, Steele Justice and Blow. In 1993, Gage was involved in a serious car accident that left him in a wheelchair for over a year. However, after recovering from his injuries and returning to Hollywood, Gage landed the role of Waingro in the 1995 film Heat, which proved to be the film audiences would remember him best for. In July 2003, Gage was sentenced to 41 months in prison for cultivating marijuana. Gage was said to be a model prisoner while in jail and was called Waingro by the guards. He entered prison in September 2003, and was released from prison in September 2005. On March 26, 2006, Gage married Shannon Perris-Knight.