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  • The ultimate competitor.

    Kevin Garnett is a very rare individual. On and off the basketball court he has displayed a personality that is respectable and admirable. I've watched him for his 13 years in Minnesota and appreciated everything that he did for the Minneosota Timberwolves. Every night, he plays with 1000% effort and determination. Losing is not an option for him because he will fight to the bitter end to win a ball game. It was a shame that he did not win a championship for all his hard work here in Minnesota. When he was traded, I knew immediately that I was more a Kevin Garnett fan, than a Minnesota Timberwolves fan. Seeing him win a championship after 14 years was great to see. His hard work finally paid off as he now as won an NBA championship, an NBA MVP, NBA All-Star MVP, and numerous other awards. Some people think that Paul Pierce is the MVP of the Boston Celtics, but I have to say that KG is the undoubted MVP of that team. Without him, the Boston Celtics would have never been as good as they have become. So thank you Kevin Garnett for being an example of what a sports figure should be. Fighting off injuries, never quitting when you're down by 30, and always fighting to win a game. He truly is top 20 of all time. Thank You.