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    • Regular Season Ranks:

      #37 in the NBA in Points Per Game-(18.8)
      #17 in the NBA in Rebounds Per Game-(9.2)
      #43 in the NBA in Assists Per Game-(3.4)
      #10 in the NBA in Field-Goal Percentage-(0.539)

      #18 in the NBA in Steals Per Game-(1.41)
      #25 in the NBA in Blocks Per Game-(1.25)
      #32 in the NBA in Field Goals Made-(534.0)

      #47 in the NBA in Field Goal Attempts-(990.0)

      #42 in the NBA in Free Throws-(269.0)

      #47 in the NBA in Free Throw Attempts-(336.0)
      #41 in the NBA in Offensive Rebounds Per Game-(1.9)

      #16 in the NBA in Defensive Rebounds-(520.0)
      #13 in the NBA in Defensive Rebounds Per Game-(7.3)
      #26 in the NBA in Total Rebounds-(655.0)

      #24 in the NBA in Steals-(100.0)
      #31 in the NBA in Blocks(89.0)
      #43 in the NBA in Points(1337.0)
      #24 in the NBA in Steals Per Turnover(0.72)

      #21 in the NBA in Double-doubles(29.0)

      #7 in the NBA in Field Goals Per 48 Minutes(11.01)

      #36 in the NBA in Field-Goal Attempts Per 48 Minutes(20.41)
      #29 in the NBA in Free Throws Per 48 Minutes(5.55)

      #35 in the NBA in Free Throw Attempts Per 48 Minutes(6.93)

      #11 in the NBA in Defensive Rebounds Per 48 Minutes(10.7)

      #27 in the NBA in Rebounds Per 48 Minutes(13.5)

      #32 in the NBA in Steals Per 48 Minutes(2.06)

      #36 in the NBA in Blocks Per 48 Minutes(1.84)

      #20 in the NBA in Points Per 48 Minutes(27.6)

      #16 in the NBA in Total Efficiency Points(1764.0)

      #9 in the NBA in Efficiency Ranking(24.85)

      #2 in the NBA in Efficiency Ranking Per 48 Minutes(36.37)

    • Garnett was the NBA's top-paid player in the 2007-2008 season, with a salary of $23.8 million.

    • Kevin Garnett earns $5 million advertising for brands such as, Gatorade and Adidas.

    • Kevin Garnett saw his rebounding numbers go under 10 for the first time in nine years, as of 2008.

    • Kevin Garnett was going to be traded to the Los Angeles Lakers, instead of the Boston Celtics.

    • Kevin Garnett is the first player in the history of NBA that reached at least: 18,000 points, 4,000 assists, 10,000 rebounds, 1,200 steals and 1,500 blocks in his entire basketball career.

    • Kevin Garnett was the runner-up MVP in the 2002-2003 season. In first place was Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs.

    • Kevin Garnett's wife, Brandi Padilla, is the sister to the wife of Jimmy Jam.

    • Kevin Garnett was nineteen before he celebrated his first Christmas and Halloween.

    • Kevin Garnett's mother was a Jehovah's Witness.

    • Kevin Garnett is 6'11" and 253 lbs.

    • Kevin Garnett ranks 16 in blocked shots in 2006-2007.

    • Kevin Garnett ranks 34 in turnovers 2.7 in 2006-2007

    • Kevin Garnett ranks number 1 in Double Doubles (66)

    • On SI.Kids maginzine Kevin Garnett said that when he was in High School, his friends would call him 6'11 but he also said at that time he was not 6'11, he was 6'9.

    • Kevin Garnett once said on SI Kids that he ate Octopus in Japan he claimed it tasted like cold chicken.

    • Kevin Garnett was named to the 1995-96 NBA All-Rookie Second Team.

    • Kevin Garnett was a member of the gold-medal-winning USA Men's Basketball team at the 2000 Olympic Games.

    • Kevin Garnett has recorded 14 regular-season triple-doubles and two playoff triple-doubles.

    • Kevin Garnett was the MVP of the 52nd Annual All-Star Game in 2003.

    • On Feb. 2, Kevin Garnett was named Player of the Week for the fourth time of the season and the 12th time in his career.

    • Kevin Garnett was the first NBA player to receive four Player of the Month honors in one season.

    • Kevin Garnett led the league in double-doubles (69) in 2004-05.

    • Kevin led the league in rebounding (13.5 rpg) in 2004-05.

    • Kevin Garnet is a six-time All-Defensive team (2000-05).

    • Kevin Garnett is a six-time All-NBA team.

    • Kevin Garnett was the 2003-2004 NBA MVP.

    • Kevin Garnett is an eight-time NBA All-Star.

    • Kevin Garnett didn't go to college but played high school ball at Farragut Academy HS (IL).

    • Kevin Garnett currently starts at the forward position for the Boston Celtics, wearing jersey number 5.

  • Quotes

    • Kevin Garnett: I can't stand these afternoon games, to tell you the truth, but I know that they're a part of our schedule. When I come in here, I just know I have to get going early and try to get the blood flowing a little bit.

    • Kevin Garnett: We were a lot more conscious of him. I think, to begin with, we were probably focused on (point guard) Baron Davis more than anybody, because he makes that team go.

    • Kevin Garnett: Tonight's win was great. It was a win we definitely needed. For the most part we all played together. We played aggressively. The defense was probably what won the game for us.

    • Kevin Garnett: That was so unfortunate. It could have happened to any of us. I kept telling him, 'You'll be okay. We're right there with you.'

    • Kevin Garnett: I thought the call that was before that was sort of a cheap call. I just came down and was frustrated. If anything, I was trying to get a delay of game. Unfortunately, that happened. I apologized to the little girl and her father.

    • Kevin Garnett: I thought the call that was before that was sort of a cheap call.

    • Kevin Garnett: By no means was I trying to hit a fan. I didn't even really look at where I tossed it, I was so ... damned mad. I apologized both to the girl and the father.

    • Kevin: I should have had a little more control than that.

    • Kevin: We have to do the impossible, but it is possible.

    • Kevin: I feel like the Commodores. I feel like the Commodores.

    • Kevin: I just tossed it. I didn't even look at where I tossed it. I was just so ... mad.

    • Kevin: It's a combination of a lot of things. Knowing how to execute, knowing when to execute, their second team against our second team. We've got to try to figure something out, I know that.

    • Kevin: They got a lot more aggressive, and they never looked back.

    • Kevin: They give to us all year long. This is three days when the league comes together to give some of it back to them.

    • Kevin: I've never been a part of something like this before, so I didn't know what to expect. I was not here for anything else but the people. This weekend was the most memorable weekend I have ever had.

    • Kevin: It's scary when one day the city is there and the next day it's gone. To see the water actual kill people, I couldn't believe it. I never fathomed it could bury a city.

    • Kevin: I'm from the bottom, I understand what it's like to have and to not have. My perception on giving is to put yourself in those people's shoes and go from there. So that's what I did.