Kevin Keckeisen

Kevin Keckeisen


8/20/1991, Torrance, CA

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  • This chubby cheeked comedic wonder is going places, take note. And it's not because his grandpa Burt (Burt Ward "Robin" on the original BATMAN tv series)It's because he is damn funny!moreless

    With cheeks that chubby, and angelic face with the skinny body who can resist thinking he is nothing but an angel? Don't be fooled. Right about now he starts quoting "ANCHORMAN: RON BURGANDY" ie: "No, I will NOT eat catpoop!" out of nowhere, or very casually "I love scotch, scotch, scotch, scotch, down in my belly makes me happy" one starts to wonder, who is this kid?! Nobody was even saying anything about those movies much less discussing catpoop or scotch for that matter! Then there is ZOOLANDER, which is a whole other pack'oworms, like the way he loves to pronounce KATINKA-INKA-BAGOOOOVA-NANAAAAAA! keeping his mouth open at the end for the full theatrical effect, but my personal favorite is at the end of a scene on "Life...and Stuff" came where his babysitter/moocher/uncle was supposed to be funny by spraying whipped cream on his own nose to make the kids laugh, and that is how the scene was to end...ahhh but Kevin looked at that whipped cream, pausing for about 5 seconds and even with a packed live audience, he simply COULD NOT resist scooping that dangling cream right off the actor's nose and EATING IT. Not part of the script, and the audience went wild! He got the laugh and couldn't care less, he just wanted that whipped cream! Love it. His comedic sense of timing is just perfect and not giving a crap about impressing anyone only just being himself makes him a natural for comedy. And his memorized movie characters, and the one's he picks are always funny but he actually sounds funnier then the one's he is imitating, makes him a perfect candidate for Saturday Night Live! You know the kid's goin' places when he pisses of the show's star enough to want him written out of most future scripts and his part kept to a minimum, yeah, cuz she wasn't getting the laughs!!! Maybe if CBS would have aired the one's that were actually funny with Kevin doing what he does best, "Life...and Stuff" might not have been cancelled. He could have saved that show. At least "Seinfeld" and "Mad About You" knew what they had. And last but not least, bless Dr. Pepper for giving us the enjoyment of watching the tightest shot I've ever seen of a kid's face guzzling the drink with it spilling all over those chubby cheeks only for him to wipe it and go "aaaaahhhhh", smile. Whether he is quoting Will Ferrel or mooning the producers out of nowhere (and making Pam Dawber ANGRY for imitating Jim Carrey)to just smiling with that angelic face with those squeezble giant cheeks, watch out SNL!moreless