Kevin Kilner

Kevin Kilner


5/3/1958, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

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Kevin Kilner


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    • Kevin: (about David Kirschner and Majel Barrett Roddenberry the executive producers of "Earth: Final Confict") They were terrific. I asked a lot of questions and they gave me very clear and invigorating answers that got me very excited about the project. So I went with my gut and my heart ...this was too good a project to pass up!

    • Kevin: (about Gene Roddenberry's "Earth: Final Conflict") I'm a big fan of Gene's work. As a boy, like millions and millions of people worldwide, Star Trek meant an awful lot to me. Anybody who had a TV set watched Star Trek. In preparing for this series, I looked at some of the old Star Trek episodes and feature films. I looked at the Alien movies again and also Blade Runner.

    • Kevin: (about his character in "Earth Final Conflict") I think he has the strongest moral compass of anyone. He's at odds with the Companions, and he's at odds with anyone who's resisting them if either one is out of line. He really walks his own path. The characters in the series who are supposedly, ostensibly, fighting for freedom in our story, do some nasty things at times and Boone calls them on it. Boone has complete regard and concern for the fragility of life and how precious it is, so...he walks his own path.