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  • Wow to rich widows

    Steve McGarrett plants two undercover cops on a cruise ship to reel in Viktor Reese and his wife, who prey on wealthy lonely women. Joyce, a decorated Honolulu policewoman, pretends to be a rich widow from Portland, cruising to Hawaii. Danny boards the cruise ship to keep an eye on Joyce. Back in Honolulu, McGarrett puts Chin Ho and Kono to work collecting evidence. When the ship lands, the 5-0 team closes in on the killers. It's "Aloha Baby" for good.

    Technology has changed so much since this 1968 episode. Surveillance, communication, and info-gathering is done via telescope, telephone, telegraph, transistors, police radio and ham radio.

    As characters, Chin Ho and Kono are flat. They were not given enough witty or intelligent lines of dialogue. It's all about Jack Lord /McGarrett. I like the newer series better because all the characters are more dynamic.