Kevin McDonald





5/16/1961 , Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Birth Name

Kevin Hamilton McDonald




Kevin McDonald was born on May 16th, 1961. None would suspect that the athsmatic, overweight tv addict would grow up to star in, create, and write for one of the most popular Canadian comedies. With such famous and neurotic characters such as Dean, the king of empty promises, and Sir Simon Milligan its hard to think of Kevin as anything but a really funny guy. Kevin, the soft-spoken guy, hidden under silly bundles of brown hair, admits that while growing up all he could really do was be funny. He couldn't live up to his fathers dreams of him being a lawyer so he stopped doing his homework and worked on his jokes for the next day. He was kicked out of a college art program for only being able to do comedy and for being too clumsy to do anything behind the scenes. One of the teachers who liked him introduced him to Dave Foley, there by beginning a strong friendship that lasts to this day. In 1982 Kevin, Dave and Luciano Casimiri formed The Kids In The Hall. Around that time Bruce McCulloch, Mark McKinney, Norm Hiscock, Gary Campbell, and Frank Van Keeken were performing in a group they called The Audience. The two groups merged and started doing acts together. With the absence of Gary Campbell and Frank Van Keeken, Mark McKinney invited Scott Thomopson to join Kevin, Bruce, Dave, and himself to create The Kids In The Hall. In 1988 the kids get their own HBO special and the tv show started the next year. Kevin McDonald was married to Tiffany Lacy in 1993. They were divorced in 1995 as The Kids were shooting their movie: Brain Candy. Kevin played the main character, Chris Cooper in the film about a drug that cures depression. Kids In The Hall ended in 1994, just before they started work on Brain candy. Since Brain candy's release in 1996, Kevin has been in other films such as National Lampoons Senior Trip, The Wrong Guy, and Dinner at Fred's. he has also had guest appearances on tv shows such as Seinfeld, Newsradio, Friends, Mad TV, and Ellen. Keep watching out for Kevin, he keeps popping up in different places.