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    • Kevin:(About his time in high school) I never had a real group. I was friends with everybody, so I could go between groups. I didn't like being part of a clique. High school wasn't bad for me. It was a lot worse for other people on the show. Mine wasn't so bad.

    • Kevin:(On sharing his name with the Celtic's legend Kevin McHale) My family's from up there naturally. Every audition I go on, they're like "You're not Kevin McHale." And I'm like, "No, really?" I'm only a foot shorter. I called AAA the other day and the guy comes, he's like "You're not Kevin McHale." And I'm like, "Thanks. There's my car over there. Could you jump it?" It was either that or my dad was going to name me Mickey after Mickey Mantle.

    • Kevin: (On his most memorable moment filing Glee) I'd have to say my first day of filming the pilot; it completely set the tone for the rest of the show for me. The fact that the first thing I did was get thrown into a port-o-potty, I knew the show was going to be fun!

    • Kevin: (On his inspiration for his acting in Glee) I'm a complete nerd myself and I think I've always been drawn to those types in movies and on TV. So, I was really able to tap into that part of myself quite easily, but Arty is amazingly good hearted. I'd say he is naive, in a good way, to a lot of the drama that goes on around him because all he really cares about is making sure the Glee Club is always there and doing its best. I can completely relate to wanting to do something you're passionate about and the drive to keep that dream alive, whether it's wanting to sing in Glee Club or for me wanting to act.

    • Kevin: (On what attracted him to Glee) At first, it seemed too good to be true. There was no way that there'd be such a combination of singing, acting and getting to do these amazing songs in the midst of a crazy Ryan Murphy script. I read the pilot and laughed out loud the entire time. So, I just set my mind to doing anything and everything I could do to be a part of the show.

    • Kevin:(On his biggest challenge in filming Glee) The wheelchair, because I dance. It's hard for me not to move my legs. I've always danced. So it's weird for me not to be dancing. We were doing the pilot and we were doing the big finale scene, "Don't Stop Believin" and they were like, 'Kevin, can you please stop moving your legs to the beat?' Everybody's singing and dancing and I'm trying not to move and it's the hardest thing. I have to tense my legs up.

    • Kevin:(On his character in Glee) He's a nerd but he thinks he's cool. He didn't get the memo that he's not very cool. And he can't walk. He's in a wheelchair. But he forgets he's in a wheelchair because he still does all the dances and everything. They work around the wheelchair. I might bump into people, but it becomes very integrated. It's just like having legs, I forget about it.