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  • Kevin McKidd is one of the best actors I have seen! I've seen him in many movies & in a large range of characters. He's excellent & believeable no matter how parts or skills differ. If it's only a small part,he still manages to outshine the rest!!!

    Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait! I've Spend half my life it seems on the net trying to find movies of his that will play on our USA equipment = was able to get at least half. Now I can actually see him on my own tv! I don't know how well the show is written but I'm positive that Kevin will give it his all as he always does and will make the show a must see - just as he made ROME such a success! He is the type of actor that can do anything and you never tire of him. He's the only actor I have seen that you can tell what his CHARACTER is thinking without his saying a word. Hopefully the guys smart enough to cast Kevin will be smart enough to insist on a good time slot and advertising so that it is not missed. I'll be waiting along with all the people who loved the HBO tv series ROME!!!
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    I have only seen him on Journeyman but you always have to respect someone who comes into a major television role for the first time and is able to carry a show on his back. While the show is in dire straights for survival right now, I think that Kevin performed very well in the show and wish that I could see more of his work. His work in Journeyman has given me an incentive to go out and take a look at Rome, a show I hadnt really given a chance to before now. Overall, I would say Kevin is a prime example of someone you could look at to carry a major show on his back.