Kevin Michael Richardson

Kevin Michael Richardson


10/25/1964, The Bronx, New York, New York, USA

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Kevin M. Richards, KMR, Kevin M. Richardson, Kevin Richardson, Kevin Michael Richards, Kevin Micheal Richardson
  • Kevin Michael Richardson attends the 200...
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  • Kevin Michael Richardson attends the 200...
  • Kevin Michael Richardson attends the 200...
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Kevin Michael Richardson is an American voice actor. He's said to be one of the most prominent African-American voice actors in the business. His roles our countless, those including Gantu (Lilo & Stitch), The Joker (The Batman), Barney Rubble (Modern day Flintstone movies), and Glorft Commander (Megas XLR).


Trivia and Quotes

  • He's got an awesome deep voice

    Kevin Michael Richardson is one of those actors that are in almost any cartoon in the Nickelodeon CartoonNetwork and the disney Channel. Kevin Michael Richardson mostly doesn't star in his own show he like in any cartoon. Kevin Michael Richardson is kinda like James Earl Jones they both have an awsome cool deep voice use to play bad guys and Kevin Michael Richardson can also make his voice sound like a kid which he use in the Cleveland show to play Cleveland brown jr and his Deep voice is very powerful man is he good I would cast him in my showsmoreless
  • A Man With A Thousand voices

    Every Channle Change I Hear His Voice. Like For An Example Turn The Channle To Toon/Disney Channle You Will Hear His Voice. He Is In To Many Shows. But I Only Hear Him As A Voice Actor Not A Actor Actor I Only Hear Him In Cartoons. So Many Deep Voices Like A Strong Guy.