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  • He's got an awesome deep voice

    Kevin Michael Richardson is one of those actors that are in almost any cartoon in the Nickelodeon CartoonNetwork and the disney Channel. Kevin Michael Richardson mostly doesn't star in his own show he like in any cartoon. Kevin Michael Richardson is kinda like James Earl Jones they both have an awsome cool deep voice use to play bad guys and Kevin Michael Richardson can also make his voice sound like a kid which he use in the Cleveland show to play Cleveland brown jr and his Deep voice is very powerful man is he good I would cast him in my shows
  • A Man With A Thousand voices

    Every Channle Change I Hear His Voice. Like For An Example Turn The Channle To Toon/Disney Channle You Will Hear His Voice. He Is In To Many Shows. But I Only Hear Him As A Voice Actor Not A Actor Actor I Only Hear Him In Cartoons. So Many Deep Voices Like A Strong Guy.
  • A man with amazing talent and probably a nice guy.

    Kevin Michael Richardson is an excellent voice actor. Every show that he has been in is proud to have him do a voice.He has a distinct voice that you can say, "If Kevin Michael Richardson is voicing on this show, it must be a great show!" I've heard this legends voice in almost every show I've watched and I never have complained. The world of television and animation could not do without him. I only hope that this man succeeds for years to come and I hope he sets the example on how voice acting should be done. An amazing voice for an amazing guy.
  • Good

    Without further adeal, I give you my review on how I think Kevin Michael Richardson is the best cartoon actor about. He does the best immitation of Tee, the alien from Jimmy Neutron, and he has shown us all that just because you are a grown up, that you can still act like a child. I love you Kevin Michael Richardson aka Tee.
  • This is one of the best actors in animation in my opinion. I hear him everywhere playing all kinds of characters. Amazing versatility.

    My fav is Captain Gantu of "Lilo & Stitch". The Joker in "The New Batman " is great too. But I mostly love this guy for all the great supporting roles he does , he can sound like a white gay guy on Queer Duck, then he shifts and sounds like Tony Soprano on someother show. And what a singing voice hear him sing Bluesville written by Harry Conick in the newly released The Happy Elf. he plays 4 differnt characters in one show. He is the Best!!!!
  • He's just so cool!

    Makes popular appearances on various cartoons. My favorite characters that he voices are Antauri from Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! and Robert from Static Shock. My favorite appearances that he has made on other shows are when he did the Taking Tree from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy and other stuff, especially Gantu from Lilo and Stitch.
  • i think hes great. one of my favs.he doesnt always stay low and dim.i think he did a pretty good job playing Seemore in teen titans. i luv kevin hes cool.

    i think hes of my favs. he doesnt always stay low and dim.i think he did a pretty good job playing Seemore in teen titans.i luv kevin realy hes cool.besides i can a alwaya tell if its him by his voice. mostly i hope he does characters like Seemore,
  • A welcome addition to the voice-over community.

    Kevin Michael Richardson is on his way to becoming a very respected voice actor, of that I am sure. Not only does he have a cool deep voice which he has used to effect as villains and various heavies but he has also produced some more oddball performances. I wasn't expecting much of him as the Joker on "The Batman", but he has done pretty well under the circumstances. Good stuff. I would also like to state that Magnatoon has IMO completely missed the point and that he should report to my office tomorrow morning for a good ticking-off. That will be all.
  • One of the Lamest.

    He stinks and there is no doubting that. He only comes in two types of voices: mellowed out or evil. Either way, there deep. I never want to hear his anoying deep voice ever again, but there's no escaping it. He's on every show using that same tone over and over again. I hope he gets fired or quits acting.
  • Big man with an amazing voice!!

    He is NOT Kevin Richardson of the Backstreet Boys but he is an amazing man. Kevin Michael Richardson is one of the best voice actors. He played many bad guys like Gantu from Lilo & Stitch, Trigon from Teen Titans and The Joker from The Batman. His deep voice is exactly what every big villain needs. Not only villains he also does voices for Uncle Oswidge from Dave the Barbarian and Robert Hawkins from Static Shock. He worked with many amazing people like Phil LaMarr, Tara Strong, Jason Marsden, Daveigh Chase, Tia Carrere and Rino Romano. Kevin Michael Richardson works for animation for very l;ong and those really paid off. Hope all the best for Kevin.