Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash


7/9/1959, Detroit , Michigan, USA

Birth Name

Kevin Scott Nash



Also Known As

Oz, Big Sexy, 'Big Sexy' Kevin Nash, Steele, Vinnie Vegas, Diesel, Big Daddy Cool, Silver Fox, Fake Sting
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Kevin Nash sky-rocketed into a superforce in 1994 when he entered the WWE as the bodyguard of Shawn Michaels. His name was Diesel. Being a feared opponent, Nash was immensly feared in and outside the ring. Don't be fooled by the big man's size, he is very quick…more


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    • Kevin Nash: Looks like the takeover is just about complete.

    • Kevin Nash: Ladies and gentlemen, there will be many, many imposters. But, there will only be one Black Machismo!

    • Kevin: (on his role in The Longest Yard) Really it was thing with Peter Segal, the director, he directs loosely from the script, you do maybe one or two takes from the script, then he likes to play with it give me a couple of different feels and a couple of different looks, I'll come up with something, he'll come up with something, Adam will throw something in, so by the time you get done with it, most of the scenes were pretty much ad-lib scenes.

    • Kevin: If it wasn't for Scott and I jumping (from WWE to WCW), wrestling wouldn't have had its second heyday. I haven't missed too many trains.

    • Kevin: In this business, you can make friends or make money.

    • Kevin Nash: I remember being inspired when I had my first chance for the WWF Championship... which it was called back then, the WWF Championship, not WWE... and I went out in front of 29,000 people at Madison Square Garden and defeated him (Bob Backlund) in a record 8 seconds.
      Alex Shelley: Does the Garden even hold 29,000 people?
      Kevin Nash: Well it did that night.

  • An all time great

    I love watching his old matches, especially with his best friend Shawn HBK Michaels at ring side. In the Mid 90s he was with the WWF, as he held the WWF Championship for almost an entire year. Shortly after that he formed a great faction called the nWo along with Scott and Hulk
  • My favorite "Outsider"

    I miss seeing the guys on as the Outsiders....Kevin and Scott made quite a team. Not long after he made his way from the WWF to the WCW as the Outsiders, he became known as Big Sexy with good reason, too. Seeing him climb over that top rope to kick some butt just made chills go down your spine, well at least imo. Later, as the demise of WCW came and Kevin switched back to the WWE, they also try to restart the Outsiders but the magic, at least to me, just wasn't there. I see he's back on again with Jarrett's dad's organization so I'm glad to see he's still involved in the world of wrestling. I also caught him in Adam Sandler's remake of The Longest Yard...he was a total riot in that movie. If you are a fan of Kevin you have to see him in that movie. Big Sexy still rules!!moreless