Kevin Nealon

Kevin Nealon


11/18/1953, Bridgeport, CT

Birth Name

Kevin Nealon



Also Known As

Dirk Storm
  • Kevin Nealon as Doug Wilson on Weeds fro...
  • Mary-Louise Parker as Nancy Botwin, Just...
  • Alexander Gould as Shane Botwin, Hunter ...
  • Alexander Gould as Shane Botwin, Hunter ...
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Tall, droll former stand-up comedian who, after tending bar and sometimes performing at Los Angeles's legendary Improvisation Comedy Club in the late 1970s, joined Saturday Night Live as a cast regular in 1986. Best known for his characters "Pump You Up Franz," the Austrian bodybuilder, "Mr. Subliminal" who…more


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  • "Last Call with Carson Daly" and guest Kevin Nealon

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  • a good actor.

    I would say that I first saw Kevin Nealon the movie Grandma's Boy and say that I tought that he was a good actor but I releized that he was in a lot of movies and just not put a face to his characters. I am still amazed that he was in at least five movies and never realized it. I think that he is really good in the Showtime show Weeds i think his character is one of the funniest characters on the show. I think that all of the different character Kevin Nealon has done has showen how good of an actor he is.moreless