Kevin Page





Dallas, Texas, United States

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Kevin Page is a 25 year veteran of the film, television, VO and commercial industries. Some of his career highlights include: His recurring character on "Seinfeld" as NBC executive, Stu Chermack, who invites Jerry to pitch his "show about nothing" was based on real-life NBC exec Rick Ludwin. Mr. Page Played over 20 different classic roles opposite the dog, "Wishbone," as a star on the long-running PBS series of the same name. His death scene in the classic film, ROBOCOP (1987), as the ill-fated young executive, Mr. Kinney, repeatedly got the film an "X" rating from the MMPA ratings board before director Paul Verhoeven agreed to cut 4 1/2 seconds out for the U. S. theatrical release (most of which was Page getting blown away by ED-209). He has made over 2 dozen television commercials for products ranging from beer to national airlines to breakfast cereals. In addition to being an actor, Mr. Page is a writer, director and producer of more than a dozen internationally distributed documentary films.