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Kevin Patrick

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  • Kevin Patrick is an outstanding actor! porno actor! whatever you wanna call it.

    He is amazing, hes really funny in COED, and really hot to watch. MY favorite actor, although i wish i could see him play real TV roles, rather than late night tv sex sex sex. but hey hes real good at that too. i have no complaints hes truly is one of kind. His character is James, i always wonder if hes really like his character in real life or the complete opposite, its hard to tell because he plays James very well, if i didn't know any better id think its really Kevin and not James, confusing. but i guess he takes that role and makes it his own. like i said, hot n sexy all in one. hes one of a kind, and my favorite actor.... i think hes an actor, or sex actor, hmm i dunno i don't care hes perfectly amazing!moreless