Kevin Pereira

Kevin Pereira


12/28/1982, Antioch, California

Birth Name

Kevin Elder Pereira



Also Known As

K-Per, Captain Immy
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Kevin grew up in Antioch, California with his parents Elder and Barbara and brother Brian. He went to Deer Valley High where at the age of fourteen he launched a gaming, music and internet-culture related radio show using the RealAudio format. Kevin dubbed the project "Pointless Audio". He…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Kevin Pereira played drums on and appeared in the video for "Girl at the Video Game Store." The song was created by Parry Gripp, lead singer for Nerf Herder, for Attack of the Show's 1000th episode. The video also features his AotS Co-Host Olivia Munn as the titular girl.

    • Kevin is a huge fan of actor David Duchovny as well as Duchovny's Showtime series Californication.

    • When demonstrating Rock Band during E3 2007, Kevin played the drum part perfectly.

    • Gained a full grant to the Academy of Arts College in San Francisco, California, where he studied film and television production for three and a half months.

    • Kevin Pereira won three California Media Festival awards.

    • Kevin likes to refer to himself as the "Prince of Pwnage" when playing video games against challengers on AOTS.

    • Kevin Pereira's favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle is Donatello. He enjoyed the technology/geek aspect he brought to the turtles.

    • Kevin's favorite moment of 2005 was a drum battle he had with "Fear Factory" drummer Raymond Herrera.

    • Before "The ScreenSavers", Kevin's first job at G4 was as a PA on the show "".

    • While hosting Attack of the Show, Kevin hosted an audio podcast entitled "Attack of the Podcast".

    • On Friday, October 14, 2005, Kevin Pereira appeared on Channel One News in a segment called "New Technology"

  • Quotes

    • Kevin Pereira: (on the G4tv/E! merger) As of right now, it means a new set. That's about it. Oh, that, and I'll be delivering Seacrest's morning coffee. Soy-Chai-Latte. For the record.

    • Olivia Munn: Which came first the chicken or the egg?
      Kevin Pereira: It was the chegg, freak of nature...chicken/egg
      Olivia Munn: You knew that right away like you didn't need to think
      Kevin Pereira: I'm smart

    • Kevin Pereira: Wear the Jinx shirt and if she doesn't appreciate that, YOU HIT HER WITH A SHOVEL!

    • Kevin Pereira: I'm just gonna go to Kevin-land or Pereir-o-rama and enjoy myself. It's in here, Morgan. YOU'RE NOT INVITED. YOU DON'T HAVE A SEASON PASS. ---at the G-Phoria post award show

    • Kevin Pereira: Yeah, I like that party horn, cause I like partyin' and the horn signifies that im partyin'.

    • Kevin Pereira And my mom said I would never get anywhere with these games..

    • Keven Pereira: There ain't no party like a LAN party!

    • Keven Pereira: I learned that women are soul-sucking leeches who want to dip their heels in tar and stomp on your heart repeatedly until it beats no more.

    • Keven Pereira: We know the dynamite when it goes BOOM"

  • As star of daily variety talk show, "Attack of the Show!", Kevin is constantly being put to task as he conducts interviews with guests, hosts multiple segments, and acts in skits and makes it all look easy while making us all laugh.moreless

    Despite his modest begginings as a personal assistant on the show, he has now become one of G4tv's biggest stars. As host of on "Attack of the Show!" he is put to the test daily on live television. He has everything to make him a perfect host: charm, wit, style, intelligence, and of course he is always funny and entertaining. He may not be the most well known talk show host but he is undoubtably the most talented. Using his odd sense of humour he makes every "It came from e-bay", "First 50", "Freeplay Friday", and "Frugality" segment a pleasure to watch. With his knowledge of everything geek and tech he is perfectly cast as host of AOTS. With and sort of charming charisma and the chemistry with co-hosts Sarah Lane and Brendan Moran, he gives viewers the most entertaining hour on television.moreless