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  • Kevin Hall was a Lonchaney in his creations,and desirvered more Memoriable Reconnition,for his acting,Its a Shame we lost him at such a young age,Live on in our hearts,As Harry the Big Foot Kevin,And scare us with your creatures,Thanks Kevin"

    Kevin gave acting a voiceless sound from his Characters,Just Roars, Grunts,and shrilling sounds, Scarry sometimes ,But as for playing Harry in Harry and the Hendersons,He spoke through his eyes,that we all can love a Big Foot and a good actting job as Kevin gave us. Great movie, little farfechted but still put a smile on your face,hopeing you'd just get to see it again someday,He could scare us so many times with other creatures,but warm your heart as Harry the Bigfoot,we lost a Lon Chaney in Kevins death,we'd guess to think what other ceatures he could of done,and why not use him as hisself to have showed the world the real Kevin Hall,