Kevin Pollak

Kevin Pollak


10/30/1957, San Francisco, California, USA

Birth Name

Kevin E. Pollak



Also Known As

Kevin Pollack
  • As seen on Million Dollar Money Drop.
  • Kevin Pollak hosts Our Little Genius.
  • Kevin Pollak hosts Our Little Genius.
  • Kevin Pollak hosts Our Little Genius.
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Kevin Pollak is an actor, impressionist, and a comedian. He started his career as a comedian when he was a teenager.


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    • Kevin: I am completely and utterly hooked to all the great shows on A&E and Court TV that are about small town murder. These shows like Forensic Files, City Confidential, I just can't get enough of them. It's always the same sort of deal. You know they interview the actual people that lived through the experience. I miss Paul Winfield as the host of City Confidential, may he rest in peace.

    • Kevin: We became good friends during A Few Good Men. He was shooting Death Becomes Her right next door and, of course, he'd come over to visit his wife and we started hanging out and have been good friends since. He's amazing. One of the things I admire, separate from his work which I've always enjoyed, is that the people he's surrounded by are friends he's known for 25 years or more. It doesn't feel like a posse. It feels like he created his own family at work, which is pretty admirable. When you're young and thinking about going into show business your closest friends are the first to say, "Someday you're going to be famous and we'll all hang out together." You say, "Yeah, yeah," and it never happens. But I stay in touch with three of my best friends which I've known for 35 years. We make an annual trek to Vegas for the Super Bowl and for those three or four days it's heaven on Earth. Bruce is unbelievably generous and loyal and a true inspiration in that regard as well. I love working with him. I love being around him. He's the party.

    • Kevin: As my wife puts it, as long as the leading man needs a best friend or an attorney, I'll continue to work. You know you have to bring your own thing to it, and fortunately if you have a director offering me the part because he wants me to bring my own thing to it, I'm going to be able to do that. I like to think that I choose things that will have an impact on the story so I won't be just a filler.

    • Kevin: As rewarding as a good film role can be, there is just nothing like getting up on a stage and taking an audience for a ride. You make a movie, and the audience may not see it for another 10 months. Here, you know immediately their reaction.