Kevin Rahm

Kevin Rahm


1/7/1971, Mineral Wells, Texas

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Kevin was born January 7, 1971 in Texas. His family moved to Louisiana when he was young. Kevin attended Brigham Young University where he gained an interest in acting. He took part in several stage productions before moving to Los Angeles to further his acting career. Kevin does…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Kevin is a member of the Pacific Resident Theatre Company which is based in Los Angeles and focusses on presenting lesser known theatre productions.

    • Kevin won a National Stage Combat Workshop Scholarship while attending Brigham Young University.

    • Kevin was featured in a pictorial in Venice magazine in August 2000.

    • As of 2006 Kevin is working on two projects; a film named LA Blues and a new TV series called Alpha Mom for NBC.

    • Kevin has lived in Los Angeles since 1996.

    • Kevin gained a role in Everything's Relative but the show was cancelled after just a few episodes aired. All was not lost though. NBC were impressed with Kevin and offered him a recurring role in Jesse soon after.

    • Kevin was featured in an article in People Weekly in 2002. Venice printed an article entitled 'Kevin Rahm's Found His Calling' in August 2000.

    • In addition to his work on television, Kevin has appeared in several feature films including Intrepid, Valerie Flake and Nurse Betty.

    • Kevin attended the 2003 Emmy Awards to support his Judging Amy co-star, Tyne Daley, who was nominated for an award.

    • Kevin is represented by The Gersh Agency in Beverley Hills.

    • Kevin appears in stage productions as well as on television. His stage work has included roles in A Question of Mercy and Everyday Life.

    • Kevin has appeared in commercials for Volkswagen and Apple Mac products.

    • Kevin waited tables while he was auditioning for various roles at the start of his acting career.

    • Kevin is a Mormon and worked as a missionary in Switzerland and France between 1990 and 1992.

    • Whilst attending the Brigham Young University, Kevin starred in many school plays including Prisoner. For his appearance in this play, he won the Irene Ryan acting award in 1994.

    • Kevin was a cheerleader when he attended Loyola College Prep in Louisiana.

    • Kevin attended Brigham Young University studying pre-law. He left the University in 1996 to pursue a career in acting.

  • Quotes

    • Kevin Rahm (On his unexpected acting roles during University): I saw a production of Tally's Folly that spring term. I took a theatre class that term and auditioned for Harvey at the end of the summer, and I was in a play every semester after that.